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What Causes Gastritis Ulcers?

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A stomach ache every now and then is usually nothing to worry about. But, if you’re experiencing a constant gnawing or burning sensation in your stomach, you might have a condition known as gastritis, and you should make an appointment with your gastroenterologist for a thorough exam and possible gastritis ulcer treatment. What Is Gastritis? The term gastritis covers several different conditions that share a common factor – inflammation of the stomach lining. The illness is mainly caused by a specific bacterium that is also responsible for causing stomach ulcers. […]

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Where Can I Find Stomach Ulcer Treatment in NYC?

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A stomach ulcer (also called a gastric ulcer) is a cratered lesion or sore located in the wall of the stomach. The same type of ulcer can also occur in the upper part of the small intestine, where it’s called a duodenal ulcer. Collectively, these types of ulcers are known as peptic ulcer disease, which affects about 4 million Americans each year. They sometimes heal on their own, but if not, they can cause serious problems, including bleeding, a perforation or hole that develops in the wall of the stomach, […]

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